Lirik Endless Dreams - Estranged

Lirik Endless Dreams - Estranged


You reach for my hand but I forced in quickly
I’m a little concerned if your day turns grey
It’s probably too much or just not as shiny
Is that okay?

I sing out your name in the midnight hour
I’m thinking it’ll move you closer to me
Cause maybe I might just take all of your 
Breath away

I want you to know
Someday I’ll guide you home
And lead you to your endless dreams

You are the brightest light I have seen 
In the still, you’re all the night scene
Believe, don’t leave
The wonder of our
Endless dreams

I’ve pictured your face for the thousandth time now
Been wanting to get the whole of you
I’m even more sure than before
Let me take this chance with you

We’ve wanted to know
Guided each other home
Every time we’re in our endless dreams

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