Lirik Boos Kadazan - Venitha Lojuti

Lirik Boos Kadazan - Venitha Lojuti

Lirik Boos Kadazan - Venitha Lojuti

boos kadazan boos di tohinuud, 
katamis ginavo songian koongou, 
ii-iso' no doid vinoun, 
ii-iso' no doid pomogunan. 

boos kadazan boos tinungkusan, 
oo'oiton di aki om di odu', 
kada' tokou daa mangai tagako', 
kada' tokou daa mangai hiivai. 

odooi oluo ginavo ku, 
songian koongou do tanak baino, 
au' nodii dioho' abazagan, 
au' abazagan moboos kadazan. 

boos kadazan boos di togingo, 
kanou pobuu'o' tokou baino, 
nung atagak boos do kadazan,  
atagak kointutunan tinau tokou

the kadazan language

the kadazan language is a polite language,
soothing to the heart when you hear it spoken,
the only one on this earth, 
the only one in the whole world.

the kadazan language is our heritage language,
the expressions of our ancestors,
let's not lose it,
let's not forget it.

oh how sad i am,
when i hear the young ones now,  
they seldom use the kadazan language,
the kadazan language is seldom spoken.

the kadazan language is a beautiful language,
let's promote its usage now,
if the kadazan language is lost,
our ethnic identity marker will be lost.