Lirik Lagu Narcissus - The Venopian Solitude

Lirik Lagu Narcissus - The Venopian Solitude

Stall whatever you can stall
What you heard is purely weighted with christened calls
Of the minds who've grown to knows us all

Lord, let them go

Grace wherever you can gracefully pace through
All the pinches of sins you've sipped through your mood
And whoever would love to be
Under the pain of scrutiny
Please, please be me

Forgive us
We have no heart
For taking the plunge
So you can breathe
So you can see

Be damned those idiots who see not what I see
Even blunt reflections taint their every worry
And dear, oh dear how you would give to be of glee
Like a bee, just like me

Score as many souls you can score
Bore as many brains you can bore
The gore will always grow loud and tall
It will always grow fond of fear to fall
Lord, let them fall!

Narcissus dear
Forgive your own fear
It hasn't a heart
For giving you the plunge
So you can now breathe
Choking on beauty
So you can now see
Flaw comes to be

Stall whenever you can stall
The storm tags along a string of downfalls
And all life bows down to he who knows what goes beyond our woes