Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Lirik Lagu Mother Nature And Father Man-Made - The Venopian Solitude

Snow in the rain making fun of the sun
Trying to mock its way back home
But the orchids grow in the thunder storm
Making way for a good day
Making way for a good day

Tall trees begin to rot away
Giving way for the young to age
And the creatures begin to embark on a journey
Where they can be safe

Far away from the cruel fate
We made it go back home
We do
We made it grow in the storm
We do
We made the old trees degrade
We do
We wrote the cruel fate

Corporate buildings grow like the mushrooms flow
After the melting snow
The greedy hunting for stock like hawks and coyotes
Vultures munching on carrion
Carcasses and carrion

You'll see
Us drowning in seas
Of garnered beauty are teased for what they believe
So we led our dreams to adapt the stupid concept of
Survival of the fittest

Our road you shall not pave
For us for

We make the buildings bloom
We do
We hunt like dying crooks
We do
We swallow whole we lose
We do
We eat carrion too
We created the stupid par
We do
Isolated the free-willed ones
We do

Thank god from the apprenticed benighted birdbrained cretinous dense
Green illiterate imbecelic in the dark inexperienced insensible
Mindless misinformed moronic naive nescient
Oblivious obtuse shallow thick unconversant
Unconscious uncultivated uncultured untaught
Uneducated unenlightened uninitiated uninformed
Unsuspecting unlearned unlettered unintellectual
Unmindful unread unschooled unknowledgeable
Untrained unwitting witless ones
We do
We wrote the cruel fate

Acid in the rain
Playing with the sun cremating a thousand holes
And dear belladonnas
Growing in cyclones
Making way for a grim day
Making way for a grim day